It’s my business! – Entrepreneur programme is one of KF Group’s flagship initiatives for people who want to become an entrepreneur or have a desire to improve their current business.

It provides practical support for businesses including training, coaching, mentorship and professional services are designed to lead to the maximum benefit of the whole, for the benefit of the entrepreneur.
Training: Design and execute strategy for training programme, content creation and content delivery. Develop agreements and partnerships to further the programme in a positive way and provide guidelines and quality assurance measures conducted by internal and external parties.
Coaching, Mentorship & Professional Services: Design and execute strategies to leverage support of coaches, mentors, and PSPs to support entrepreneurs while identifying and implementing necessary systems and training to lead to the efficient delivery of this support to the entrepreneurs.
Monitoring & Evaluation: Determine the most efficient and effective way of measuring entrepreneur programme success, while monitoring data collection and analysis and reviewing results in order to make recommendations for improvement.
Many examples of world-renowned entrepreneurs as well as business success stories are offered through games, quizzes and auctions. Through these examples, and with the help of visualization and introspection exercises, and the supervision of our consultants, participants grasp the main key factors for a successful start-up project: the entrepreneurial skills of the project leader, the importance of listening to the needs of the market, finding a “good idea” and selling it efficiently.