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[:vi]Hong Nguyen Thanh Visume[:]

[:vi]New week, new visume ! What is your personality ? Serious or rebellious, friendly or Aloof,…! All in one video which will be shown your Personality, confidence, experience and Capability. And… Read more »

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Kelvin Foo – Visume

Veteran and Expert Business Leader in Consulting Business Currently as the CountryDirector of TTS Group based in Singapore Kelvin is responsible for our overall business operations in the SE Asian… Read more »

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Ha Thanh Hue – Visume

A Loyal Persistent Fighter Ha Thanh Hue is currently looking after key programmes and execution under KF Group since March 2017. Her videography and marketing abilities have earned countless praises… Read more »

The Story of A Black Dot

(English Caption Below) Chấm đen trên tờ giấy trắng – Một câu chuyện đáng suy ngẫm về lối sống tích cực. Đây cũng là điều mà KF Group mong muốn… Read more »