Book Editing Services

Internet is an integral part of modern life. The emergence of social networking sites, electronic newspapers, websites gradually replaced books, pictures, .. Especially books. People go to e-books, books online because of the convenience, save time that leads to forgotten books printed on paper. As a result, publishers place more emphasis on improving the content, and form of the book, to attract readers.

KF Group is known for  the “Career Strength Discovery Model”  and their Career prospects, Nowaday, we’re growing Book Editing Services.


The people who want to edit a book for publication, but do not have enough manpower to compose the book, correct alignment, or human resources are not enough ability and level to make the cut. , drawings (workbooks for everyone ), ability to type fast, delivery books on time, book cover design. As long as the customer gives the content and requests, we will return a complete book.

What kind of book we have edited ?

• Textbook;
• Workbook;
• Picture books for kindergarten students.

What can we do ?

– Revise the content of the book as required;
– Design pictures, photos from your requests;

– Edit – Crop – Paste pictures suitable for the content of the book;
– Design the book cover accordingly;

– Hand over books on time.

We definitely solve all your problems !