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Here are the eight best pieces of advice I’ve received. I hope they help you.

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1. No one manages your career but you.
This sentence — when spoken by Melissa Proctor, chief marketing officer at the Atlanta Hawks . How often do we look for someone else to notice us in our jobs or wait for a specific role to open? “Everyone should go into his or her career with an entrepreneurial mindset,” she said. “Then, watch amazing things happen.”

2. Go slowly.
There is often an expectation to hustle, especially in the world of high-growth companies. But this comment had spoken by Brendan Schwartz, co-founder of video hosting company Wistia, really hit home. His point: sometimes it takes time to get something right, and it’s OK to embrace a slower pace.

3. Make sure you have emotional support.
Ryan Petersen, founder of freight forwarder Flexport had told this after a long conversation about how he started his business. He said that being a founder is hard and that there will be times when you’ll question why you quit your corporate job. “Find people who will support you when things get bad and give you practical advice,” he said. I appreciated his candor.

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4. Don’t do it for the money.
This sounds cliché, but I’ve found it to be true in my career. I’ve mentioned it in my first book : “Career strength discovery model that Career should not be treated as something we do just for money, or as an annoying thing that we have to suffer for the rest of our life . In contrast, by applying a good system of career search, in which you and the inside strengths and interests are the center, you can find the career that you love and have the best chance to succeed in.
Please do it for your passion, your future!

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5. Be patient. Great things take time to happen.
As someone who likes to see results yesterday, this was a hard one for me to accept. This advice, given by Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, a marketing agency in Los Angeles,. “Be patient, and be resilient, he said. “Most people give up at the first sign of adversity. Don’t be most people.”

6. Spend more time recruiting.
When Flexport’s Petersen started his business, he spent a lot of time “heads down” on product. when some one said “I think if I could go back and give myself advice, I’d say to spend more time on recruiting,” he said. “Other people are better than certain things than me; I’m always better off spending my time trying to find those people.”

7. Be grateful.
This one wasn’t advice as much as one of Siu’s productivity hacks. The single biggest thing that helps him stay effective? “Writing for five minutes in a journal every morning,” he said. “I write down three things I’m grateful for and it helps shape my day. A lot of people think meditation and gratefulness is ‘rah rah,’ but it actually helps.”

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8. Don’t listen to advice.
Perhaps you laughed out loud at this one, but then thought about it for a moment. These words came from Daehee Park, co-founder of Tuft & Needle, a fast-growing company in the mail-order mattress space. “Our first advisor told us this and to listen to everyone but to ultimately make our own decision because every situation is different, and no one has the absolute truth.” Park said.

Vietnam Airlines to reopen international air routes starting from July 1

Vietnam Airlines has announced plans to reopen international air routes as of July 1 to several destinations in the Republic of Korea (RoK), Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), and across Southeast Asia.

Vietnam Airlines is the first domestic airline to unveil plans to resume operating international routes following their temporary suspension as a result of the impact caused by the novel corona virus (COVID-19).

The first international flights by Vietnam Airlines to return will see major hubs Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City linked with regional destinations such as the RoK, Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Singapore, Laos, and Cambodia.

The new flight schedule will see Vietnam Airlines re-operate the Ho Chi Minh City – Seoul route by putting on seven flights per week.

In addition, the Hanoi – Seoul route will also feature seven flights per week, whilst the Ho Chi Minh City – Busan route will be running three flights per week, with the Hanoi – Busan route operating with four flights per week.

Moreover, the airline will operate three flights from Ho Chi Minh City and four flights from Hanoi to Hong Kong (China) as of July 1.

Furthermore, the Ho Chi Minh City- Taiwan route is also expected to reopen with three flights running per week, whilst the Hanoi – Taiwan will run four flights per week.

Elsewhere, the Ho Chi Minh City – Bangkok route is scheduled to resume operations from July 9 with a frequency of seven flights per day, while the Hanoi – Bangkok route will reopen from July 2 and see seven flights per day transport passengers between the two capitals.

Meanwhile, the Ho Chi Minh City – Singapore route is also expected to restart from July 2 with a frequency of seven flights per week. In addition, the Hanoi – Vientiane (Laos), Vientiane – Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Phnom Penh – Ho Chi Minh City routes will all operate from July 2 with a frequency of seven flights per day.

At present, all domestic airlines are working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Health to devise plans for international routes to resume in line with the Prime Minister’s direction. VOV

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